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Look I hate meetings, most are waste of time where people talk about what they didn’t get done since last meeting. They didn’t get anything done because they’re in meetings talking about what they didn’t get done all day all week. However, there is the occasional meeting where important things are being discussed generally scheduled for: 30 to: 60 minutes because that’s how the conference rooms are scheduled.

To set things up there are a few parties calling in and the rest have booked a conference room at the office to take the call. The first few minutes are social. Then you sort through the agenda and normally later in the meeting you actually get to the items that are important. They require thought not regurgitation of some report or power point, but some time to ponder what you are going to say. Just when things get to a critical point and something important is about to happen. Conference call interruptus happens and the meeting has to end because people are at the conference door for the next meeting where nothing will get done. This happens all the time. I wonder how many big ideas are lost, problems left unsolved and money wasted. I’m not sure I have he answer, do you – comment please?

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