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Jumpcurve offers advanced retargeting for clients that have outgrown cookie cutter CRM retargeting is where we take different CRM information generally emails, not also phone numbers or addresses and match them to the actual people.

We can uses CRM data like:

A) Current customers

B) Past customers

C) 3rd party data

And we serve them display ads directly


We take your direct CRM data and match it to look-alikes and serve them display ads.

In both cases this technique is very effective and has a high ROI. It has matured quite a bit recently and at time can represent some of the top campaigns in clients mix.

It can be used for a variety of marketing efforts

A) Upsell/Cross-sell

B) Reactivate older leads

c) Support offline campaigns

D) Support email campaigns

E) Stimulate sales with promotional offers

Really there are so many options here it all about looking at your available CRM and deciding what opportunities to test.