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Clients struggle with the concept of paying for brand search. Why should I pay, I have a good organic listings? The answer we give is first you want many searchers to go to the landing page you select. So if organic is not sending them where you want, then paid helps do that. For example if you are looking for new purchasers of your product you don’t want them going to your general site you want them to go to an offer oriented landing page. That combined with the strategy of trying to take up as much space on page as possible especially if you have a lot of competitive bidding on your brand terms make paying for brand search worthwhile.

Ideally I would like to have existing customers go one place ” navigators – people who use google to get to a website” and new prospects go elsewhere.

Well, Google if I can no upload a CRM list and target that list – guess what I can exclude that list as well.

So here is the idea I have one brand search campaign that excludes and updated list of my existing customers and I have a duplicate campaign that includes them. I bid less for the existing and I may have different ads ¬†or I just don’t target existing customer at all and I let them get organic result, thus making my spend on navigational search go DOWN!

We are testing this concept now. As of the writing Google does not address this use of  Customer Match nor have we seen any other article on it. My gut is it would not be great for them this is a $60 billion business and you have to figure eliminating some % of navigational search would reduce earning by Billions.

We will post test results on this as we get them stay tuned!


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