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There is no better ad placement pound for pound in the marketplace today then the newsfeeds ads. If you not using them and using them well you really are maximizing your display advertising.

Here is why

1. Targeting – facebook offer high quality 1st part data – yes the stuff people enter, but most likely everything you says, interact with and maybe even more. Not to mention a very good look alike program – probably the best we have seen. Prospecting and retargeting.
2. Less Fraud – Yes there is probably a huge percent of fake profiles, but we don’t think they have impression fraud issues like much of the inventory out there,
3. The ad unit – come on – Big Huge photo with ton of text if you need it!!!!!!
4. Placement – I mean smack in the middle of the users life! front and center on the page.
5. Cost – well they are not cheap, but straight standards and they seem to get more expensive everyday. However the ROI is still outstanding.

What not to do.

1. Don’t run junk ads there – target – offer something – don’t offend – don’t be obnoxious.
2. Have the campaign professional managed – the ad interface is wonky, the bidding is a little suspect, the results are not linear. Get a firm that work in Facebook all day long and let them do it. No matter what anyone says this is manual don’t fall for black box pitches or having the intern run it.

Get out there now. The frequencies are very limited so it is not endless inventory and who know how long it will last and where CPM are going.

If facebook is not number 1,2,3 in your online channels ( including search) by performance metrics please contact us!

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