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Jumpcurve works hard to stay on top of the latest technologies that matter in display. We look for technologies that help us execute for clients. We have never been adopters of technology that is just about selling hype. A great example was early on in our existence we bought through ad networks for our clients. We were never happy because there was a complete lack of transparency, control, and any semblance of value added by most of these partners. It was clear the ad networks model was to maximize their RPM (revenue per 1,000) and not our client’s goals.

So when the first demand side platforms started becoming available as a supported platform from vendors and we jumped in. Our main motivation was why let 40-50% of our client money be eaten up in ad networks margins when the value added there was close to nothing. So we implemented multiple DSPs and passed all that saving through to our clients.

Each technological adoption has had one common thread – client first. Here are some technologies we currently employ.

(2) Major demand side platforms
Leading independent adverser
Leading dynamic adverser
Major ad validation vendor – impression fraud, viewability, visibility and other important metrics.
Video demand side platform
Facebook ad platform
Multiple data partners for audience targeting and CRM targeting

All of these platforms work together with our biggest technology strength, which is our people. All the black boxes and algorithms in display are tools that help, but often are more about the publishers then the advertisers and we work day and night to tip the scale the other way in favor of our client.