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Facebook has been launching “ad sets” feature for last week or so. They hit our power editor this AM. Basically the short definition is they allow you to group ads by the audience you are targeting. This eliminates the need to create separate campaigns for each audience you want to target it you want to isolate them with their own budget.

Campaign – controls the advertising objective
App Installs
App Engagement
Offer Claims
Event Responses
Clicks to Website
Website Conversions
Page Post Engagement
Page Likes

ads sets – control the start and end dates as well as budgets. The goals it to have ads grouped by audience you are targeting. This will help with reporting and optimization, as you won’t have ads with different target vying for same budget. Really it allows you to optimize creative better as the audience component is held as a constant in the ad set.

We’ll post more as we use the new feature.

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