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Jumpcurve offers advanced retargeting for clients that have outgrown cookie cutter approaches to leveraging their audiences. Retargeting has grown exponentially over the last few years as clients discovered its effectiveness; self-serve options proliferated and full services agencies saw it as a profit center. Jumpcurve is really the next level of retargeting and we are a good fit for clients that

a) Have been doing retargeting for some time but are seeing rising CPA a diminishing returns.

b) Are still using outdated solutions like ad-networks.

c) Are using self-serve, cookie cutter, one size fit all solutions.

d) Are only using retargeting for low funnel.

e) Do not use different messaging and lands by prospects position in funnel

f) Do not have absolute transparency from current vendor

G) Do not get viewability stats from current vendor.

If any one of these describes your current retargeting Jumpcurve is worth talking too. We could very well help you unleash your audiences for bigger scale and better ROI